Building Account Managementthat generates 80% of revenue

    September, 26th
    6:30 pm (Kyiv GMT +3)
    Language: UA

Olha Klok

Cusrtomer Success Director




Arthur Fedorenko

Founder & CEO



About the event

Is your company an order-taker waiting for the next client command?
Many companies miss out on the growth potential hidden in their existing client base. There's no often dedicated account manager, or the role is dispersed among various specialists like PMs, sales staff, delivery managers, or even the CEO.
The lack of systematic attention keeps you in the dark about your clients' internal operations and future plans —and how YOU can fit into those plans.As a result, you're often seen merely as an order-taker rather than a strategic partner.
So how do you change that? How can you build a meaningful relationship with existing clients to ensure business growth? Join our conversation with Olga Klok to dive into these pressing issues.
Mark your calendar for September 26th at 6:30 PM (GMT +3) and find out!

About Speaker


Olha Klok

Customer Success Director


● 16 years in IT outsourcing● Established the Client Engagement function within a company of 1,500 employees, with a primary focus on pre-sales strategy and improvement of the engagement process. ● Manages a portfolio of multi-million-dollar client accounts in various domains, including pharma, healthtech, fintech & insurance, cyber security, trading, aviation, manufacturing and, more.

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Building Account Management that generates 80% of revenue

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