How Advisory Board Elevated the Sales Game for an IT Outsourcing Company


IT Outsourcing

Company Size

500-1000 people

Advisory Area



In today's highly competitive business landscape, it's common for companies to struggle with growing their sales, especially in the IT outsourcing industry. This was the case for an IT outsourcing company serving clients in North America and Western Europe. Despite having a well-established process, top-notch service quality, and a loyal client base, the company found it challenging to attract and close new business deals.
However, they were determined to grow several times in the next few years, so they turned to the Advisory Board Service (ABS) for expert guidance. The ABS team worked with the company to select the right advisor with extensive experience in sales and business development. This partnership is the company's solution to overcoming its sales challenges.


The IT outsourcing company needed help to grow its business and reach its full potential due to several sales-related challenges. The company relied heavily on referrals for its sales pipeline, which made the sales process unpredictable and left the company at the mercy of outside forces. This lack of control over its sales pipeline meant that the company could not consistently generate new leads and close deals. 
Additionally, the lack of a straightforward lead generation and outbound strategy made it difficult for the company to target the right audience and effectively communicate the value of its services. These challenges limited the company's growth and prevented it from reaching its full potential.


The Wiseboard team worked closely with the IT outsourcing company to find the right advisor with expertise in sales and business development. This was crucial in ensuring that the company received the proper support to overcome its sales challenges.

The advisor provided a comprehensive approach, including enhancing the company's Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Value Propositions, creating a structured lead generation and outbound sales process, and providing regular feedback and guidance. With the Wiseboard advisor's expertise, the IT outsourcing company was able to build a robust sales infrastructure and achieve significant growth in a short period.


The results of the Wiseboard advisor's work were excellent. The IT outsourcing company saw a significant improvement in its sales and business development strategies, resulting in a robust lead generation process. The company's pipeline grew by over 200% in just six months, a remarkable achievement.
The sales advisor's guidance and support allowed the company to clarify its ideal customer profile (ICP) and create customized buyer personas with tailored value propositions, making the sales process more predictable and scalable. Introducing key performance indicators (KPIs) helped streamline the sales department's work, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively.
With these strategies in place, the IT outsourcing company is now well on its way to achieving its growth goals and taking its sales to the next level. The company's success is a testament to the impact of expert guidance and support in overcoming sales challenges and reaching new heights.

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